April 2020 Wood Bioenergy Magazine

Hexas Biomass’ CEO spoke in Atlanta on March 11 at the Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo. The talk is discussed in the April 2020 edition of Wood Bioenergy magazine and included information on sustainable, closed-loop bioenergy crops that supplement or replace wood in a variety of bioenergy applications, in particular Hexas’ Xano Grass™. It is perennial and fast growing, with high yields year-over-year, is highly pest-resistant, grows in different climates and soil types, tolerates drought, is an EPA-approved bioenergy crop, and has low ecological demand. In direct combustion, testing has shown Xano Grass™ burns at about 8,000 BTU/lb. and, when torrefied, Xano Grass™ burns at around 10,400 BTU/lb., a significantly higher energy density than other bioenergy crops. This presentation discussed the benefits of supplementing wood bioenergy material with a sustainable bioenergy crop to achieve equal energy production levels and potentially lower cost.



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