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You don’t have to sacrifice to be sustainable

  • Are you concerned about paying too much for sustainable, plant-based raw materials?
  • Do you worry about plant-based raw not being readily available when you need it?
  • Are your customers giving you negative feedback for using fossil fuel-based raw materials?
  • Does your plant-based raw material restore the earth or extract from it?
  • Is it hard to find sustainable, plant-based raw materials that meet your requirements?
  • Are you worried about finding sustainable, plant-based material that works with your current production technology?

Be a sustainability leader with plant-based raw materials

Get consistent, low cost supply

Get a dedicated supply of our regenerative, planet-based material, so you’ll have it you need, when you need it

No costly alterations needed

Use our plant-based material the same way you use your current material without changing your manufacturing facility

Leave the carbon, Restore the earth

Our plant-based materiail comes from perennial grasses that are regenerative and actually restore the soil they grow in

Don’t choose between cost and sustainability or product functionality and aesthetic appeal when choosing a plant-based raw material. Have it all.

The problem most companies experience when trying to integrate sustainable materials into their products are cost related – the raw material costs too much and modifying their production systems to use it is too expensive.

At Hexas, we sell raw materials that can cost less than wood and fossil fuel-based raw materials and that integrate directly into your current production system, so you can be a sustainability leader in your industry while saving money and the environment, too. Read more…

Plant-based raw materials are our passion

Low cost, high quality

Consistent properties

Drop-in solution

Equal or better performance

Steps to success

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Be a sustainability leader in your industry by using plant-based raw materials that heal the Earth