We are passionate about sustainable materials.

Hexas is a biomaterials company focused on the production of regenerative, plant-based raw materials that replace wood, corn, and fossil fuel-based materials in multiple applications. Applications for our plant-based materials include: energy, chemicals, packaging, textiles, composites, structural/non-structural products, bioremediation, and more. Our mission is to make the highest and best use of plant-based material.

To support the successful adoption of our XanoFiber™, Hexas works with our customers to optimize the production of our plant-based raw materials to meet their specific needs, whether that be for energy production or products we use every day. Using our proprietary methods, we provide our customers with low cost, high quality plant-based raw materials with consistent biochemical and thermochemical properties. Our planting of a dedicated plantation for each customer provides them with a dedicated and reliable supply of plant-based raw material that integrates directly into their current manufacturing systems. By optimizing our plant-based raw material based on a specific application, we meet our customers’ needs to replace, or supplement, their current wood or fossil fuel-based feedstock at a low cost without sacrificing product functionality or aesthetic appeal.

Contact us about using our plant-based material to supplement or substitute for your current wood or fossil fuel-based feedstocks.