Hexas Biomass
Hexas Biomass is a producer and distributor of sustainable, non-wood biomass for use in multiple applications, including bioenergy, biofuel, composite & engineered materials, and pulp & paper, among others. Our initial focus is on the production of feedstock from giant reed. Giant reed is our most promising crop as it is perennial, fast growing, yields 15-25 dry tons of biomass per acre year-over-year, is highly pest resistant, grows in different climates and soil types, tolerates drought, and has low ecological demand.
Hexas uses environmentally conscious farming-lifecycle techniques to produce feedstock from our giant reed. Our giant reed sequesters substantial carbon both above and below ground and is a nitrogen fixer. To reduce transportation costs to customers’ facilities and minimize our carbon footprint, Hexas grows its giant reed feedstock near customers’ production locations. Hexas can grow our giant reed in all soil types, including on high salinity and marginal land.

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