Hexas Biomass

Hexas Biomass Inc. (Hexas) is produces and sells sustainable, non-wood biomass feedstock. To help address environmental challenges the planet faces today, Hexas’ mission is to use sun, water, and land to benefit people and the planet through sustainable use of renewable resources.

Our initial focus is supplying non-wood biomass for use in energy production and the production of hybrid wood- and non-wood biomass panels.

For bioenergy, our focus is on non-wood biomass because it is the only renewable resource that:

  1. Does not require complex storage capabilities
  2. Can provide baseload power and fill gaps in wind and solar energy production during periods of high demand
  3. Is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel and wood for energy production.

For wood-based panel and energy pellet applications, the non-wood biomass Hexas produces can supplement or replace the use of trees in the manufacture of these products with little or no alteration to current manufacturing capabilities.